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If You Just Tried You Could Reach The Surface

Bitty’s that one friend that live-tweets EVERYTHING his friend group does and thinks everything that happens to them is endearing regardless of whether it actually is(and like- he’s right BUT STILL) and i love this webcomic so much.

My first assignment for class :) I’m so glad I stuck my hand in the old toy-bin before I left home on the day I worked on this…. cause if I just had that pipe cleaner I may have died from frustration.

ephere replied to your post: line-art is HELL and i am in the deepe…


jashiku replied to your post: line-art is HELL and i am in the deepe…

I like how it’s turning out! the girl in the middle is my fave so far

i l o v e you two so much

may the magical art elves be kind and color this for me in the morning while i go to bed

line-art is HELL and i am in the deepest of it

can you tell this was supposed to be just a bust but then i attached a body at the last second 

a few coraline musical sketches while I wait for class to start :/ haven’t really figured out coraline’s face yet- but the Cat is shaping up.

i can no longer look at the p5 mc without also thinking of a certain friend. 

also went to see coraline the musical with another friend and it was SO GOOD. i want to draw out every single scene the actors were so cool. 

in the face of “school starts next week” the best course of action is to pretend that it isn’t and do whatever you want \o/

…i have to fix the tangent in the third panel, and then color this before moving to pg 2 (out of 10 maybe? or less….)

Ganeko’s unrequited crush that motivates her to stand up for Sanae time and time again more like [incomprehensible crying]

Okay but can we talk about chapter 27 (spoilers up ahead if you haven’t read it)

of all the scenes in her dream she thinks about Kei TWICE and it’s a moment that’s ACTUALLY HAPPENED which means Kei is a thing in her life that matters to her. They l o v e e ach ot her ;w; 

(edit: i…remembered that moment wrong i rememebred it wrogng sorry oops)