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an older doodle-comic of me attempting to sort out ideas for my story. 

literally all my superheroes have at least one version of them with a long-ass ponytail. i can’t help it….

sketchy scene of what should be the beginning of my future-will-i-ever-get-around-to-it story…

I don’t think the mc’s pose is dynamic enough, but i’m not sure how much further i can push it without it just looking… wrong. maybe it’s the facial expression?

it’s like [holds out hands] THIS big

happy birthday sorry this is late blackqualad !??! I said I would draw something for you and now two days later here it is lmao. 

thank you for always sharing your tim headcanons and story ideas with me like they give me LIFE especially the most recent one! I can’t wait to read any fic you write with all your ideas :) 

shamecubeofficial jazz band girflriends!!

I call this “for the sake of my pride you will say it looks like Anne Hathaway please”

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i did this one a few weeks back but forgot to post oops

sorta more modern!au here. my headcanon is that patroclus is more a morning person, and achilles isn’t but there are Responsibilities so he’s forced to get up early anyways. tough shit. 

trying out manga studio 5, and I don’t know if I like the brushes on here better than compared to sai. maybe I just haven’t played with the settings enough yet, but it feels stiffer here. I haven’t gotten around to painting with it yet, so we’ll see. 

the panels and speech bubbles and textures and perspective lines/rulers and 3D bases though are so, so, so beautiful.  


the results of paintchatting with rach at 2 in the morning..basically this needs to be a recurring activity

late night pchat doodles with shooofie who did the adorable billy in the corner ahhhhh

they would not listen, they’re not listening still. perhaps they never will.

achilles and patroclus, playing around, before troy happened and everything went to shit;u;

(being late to old fandoms is the worst this book has destroyed me and i need no-one-dies AUs to fix it how do i find them help)